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This package is custom tailored for you.  Some topics apply to everyone.  But we will also address your specific needs and issues.  It is not made for one size fits all! We will go step-by-step in how to act on the outlined topics.

For example
If you live in a cold climate, you will learn about architectural features that will significantly reduce your energy bills.  Many of these same elements are different for hot climates.

How this package works:

  • Pay for the package
  • I will contact you shortly to set-up a meeting via GoToWebinar.  The meeting will be within one week of your payment.  The package includes one 2 hour training. 
  • We discuss your goals and specific plan details.  This includes money to be saved, areas that will contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of your new home or remodel.
  • Materials will be provided for training and future use



Module 1:    How “Green” can I afford to be?

  • Lifestyle considerations
  • What costs drive green & natural building?
  • Your financial investment

Module 2:    Climate appropriate design/architecture

  • Site selection
  • Think maintenance
  • Energy consumption
  • Comfort
  • Your financial investment

Module 3:    What materials and building styles to use?

  • Where do these materials come from?
  • Construction types: conventional, energy framing, strawbale, papercrete, abobe, SIP panels and others
  • Financing and insurance for alternative homes
  • Material costs, labor costs, and financial implications

Module 4:      Your Health

  • The air you breathe – indoor air pollution
  • The water you drink
  • How your space flows

Module 5:    Contractor Evaluation & Selection

  • TRUST!
  • Expectations & accountability
  • Will it be built correctly
  • Communications – what questions to ask!
  • How contractors charge…Don’t pay for more than you are getting!

Module 6:    Client/Contractor Communication & Accountability

  • This is where the “rubber meets the road”
  • Most common “breakdown” of the building process

Module 7:    Should I contract it myself — DIY?

  • Think savings!
  • Common mistakes resulting in no savings
  • Must do preparation
  • How to crunch the numbers!  Most of us have a…Budget!


➔ Save money!

➔ Protect your Health

➔ Enable proactive decision making about your needs

➔ Clear communication with your architect and contractor

➔ Avoid mistakes before they become costly

➔ Understand construction language

➔ Simply get a home that fits you

➔ Enables you to manage effectively during the construction process

➔ Create an awesome invest

➔ Be proactive in saving our environment

➔ Personally rewarding

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Package Price        $197

money back guarantee


locally“We were hoping to approach net zero energy consumption with our new home, but thanks to Adam’s knowledge of passive solar design, we achieve net zero each year comfortably. Our knowledge of the building process was limited, to put it mildly, but Adam walked us through the million decisions we had to make with good humor, pointing out ways to make our home as green as possible within our limited budget. Our new home is beautiful and fits us to a T.”

-Bill Baker and Deb Paulson

Zarlingo-final1“On time and under budget! Adam was efficient, well organized and possessed excellent communication skills. The end result was a quality product that we are proud to call home”. Thank you!

-Mike and Alison Zarlingo

thom&janet-final1“Adam Fries was a wonderful to work with. He was always professional and very thorough about all the necessary details. I recommend him highly”.

-Janet E. Kastner

Fulton-final1“We gave Adam a home­drawn floorplan, and one and a half years after moving in, the home exceeds all of our expectations for comfort, beauty, and energy efficiency. Adam kept us on budget and on schedule”.

-Kathryn and Richard Fulton

Package Price $197

money back guarantee

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