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This package dives deep into step-by-step of how to be your own contractor.  It gives you specific how to items.  I do not speak in general terms.  It is not that hard if you have the right tools.  However, I have rescued a number of homeowners that spent more on their project than if they would have hired a contractor from the start as a result of simple mistakes made.

How this package works:

  • Pay for the package
  • I will contact you ASAP to set-up a meeting via GoToWebinar.  The package includes two: 2 hour trainings. Plus continued support for your questions. I will not leave you stranded.
  • We discuss your goals and specific details.  This includes money to be saved, areas that will contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of your new home or remodel.
  • Materials will be provided for training and future use. Included is actual contractor spreadsheets to input your estimates. You can use these step-by-step materials for a successful project.


Module 1:    Why be your own contractor

  • Think savings!
  • The cost of not doing something else
  • How much can you really save
  • Rewards

Module 2:    Financing & Insurance

  • Banks
  • Protecting yourself

Module 3:    Finding & Managing your architect/designer

  • Common design/architecture mistakes resulting in a less efficient, unhealthy, increased maintenance home
  • Price of the design & strategies to reduce costs

Module 4:     Planning, Zoning & Building Departments

  • Planning and Dealing with these entities

Module 5:    Reading a set of house plans

  • Sample plans and review

Module 6:    Create a Construction Estimate / Budget

  • Estimating spreadsheets for you to use
  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • Negotiating with subcontractors

Module 7:    Land/lot, home positioning, and utilities

  • Land selection
  • Learn solar loss/gain and home placement
  • Electric, water, gas, sewer, other

Module 8:    Common mistakes & delays resulting in no savings during construction

  • Management

Module 9:    Sub-Contractor Communication & Accountability

  • Final punchlist
  • Subs love organized job sites
  • How do you know if subs are doing a good job

Module 10:    Contracts & Agreements

  • Examples
  • Importance

Module 11:    Management overview

  • It’s in the details
  • Communication


➔ Save money!

➔ Build a Healthy home

➔ Clear communication with your architect, subcontractors, bank, insurance and regulating departments

➔ Avoid mistakes before they become costly

➔ Receive more accurate estimates

➔ Understand construction language

➔ Learn a new skill

➔ Enables you to manage effectively during the construction process

➔ Create an awesome invest

➔ Be proactive in saving our environment

➔ Personally rewarding

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Package Price        $347

money back guarantee


locally“We were hoping to approach net zero energy consumption with our new home, but thanks to Adam’s knowledge of passive solar design, we achieve net zero each year comfortably. Our knowledge of the building process was limited, to put it mildly, but Adam walked us through the million decisions we had to make with good humor, pointing out ways to make our home as green as possible within our limited budget. Our new home is beautiful and fits us to a T.”

-Bill Baker and Deb Paulson

Zarlingo-final1“On time and under budget! Adam was efficient, well organized and possessed excellent communication skills. The end result was a quality product that we are proud to call home”. Thank you!

-Mike and Alison Zarlingo

thom&janet-final1“Adam Fries was a wonderful to work with. He was always professional and very thorough about all the necessary details. I recommend him highly”.

-Janet E. Kastner

Fulton-final1“We gave Adam a home­drawn floorplan, and one and a half years after moving in, the home exceeds all of our expectations for comfort, beauty, and energy efficiency. Adam kept us on budget and on schedule”.

-Kathryn and Richard Fulton

Thanks to all!  Adam 🙂

Package Price                     $347

money back guarantee

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